How to get cheap printing services with Inkfarm coupons

Every business has a certain amount of material that needs to be printed. For restaurants, it can be take-out menus or flyers. For others it could be posters, brochures, or business cards. Whatever the need, it's important to have your printed materials look professional. I prefer glossy paper and color printing myself, but the cost of this type of printing can be quite high. And at the end of the day, every business strives to cut costs as much as possible, as this is one of the simplest ways to increase the bottom line. So how can a business go about getting cheap, professional printing services?


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The answer for me has been to go online. At first, I was hesitant to take this approach, since I wanted to see my proofs in person. But eventually, the potential cost savings convinced me to give online printing companies like Printplace a chance. I'm glad I did. Assuming you know what you're doing, you should find it quite easy to work with online printing companies. Printplace, for example, allows you to download templates, then upload your files and view proofs online.


To be perfectly honest, viewing proofs online does not compare to examing a proof in person. Things like dimensions, feel of the paper, and colors just don't translate as well when viewed on the computer screen. This is the one aspect of using online printing companies that I'm still getting used to.


In the beginning, I only recommend working with well-known printing companies like Vistaprint, Uprinting, Printplace, and several others. If you want to know which printing companies are reputable, I recommend reading the reviews at websites such as By visiting different printing websites, you'll also be able to get multiple quotes for your project and shop for the lowest price.


Once you select a cheap printing service, don't stop there. Take the extra step to search for a coupon you can use at the company you chose. This additional step could easily save you 20% or more on your order. For example, I found a Printplace discount code when I was ordering brochures a couple weeks ago. For an order of over 1000 brochures, my savings ended up being considerable. Some printing services also throw in free shipping if your order is over a certain minimum quantity. This can also add to your savings, since shipping costs for paper-based products can be rather high.


It should be mentioned that in some cases, it makes sense to forgo professional printing services and do your own printing if you have a high-quality printer available in your office. For such jobs, you should first make sure your printer is up-to-par. If not, you may want to consider purchasing a new printer if you plan to do a lot of printing. Ink costs can easily add up, so it's also a good idea to find a place where you can purchase ink cartridges cheaply. I recommend an online ink store called Inkfarm. If you use these Inkfarm coupons or other ink cartridge coupons, you can usually purchase ink cartridges at a significant discount.


As you can see, there are many options when it comes to printing. For things like brochures, I suggest using a good printing service like Printplace. For everything else, investing in a good printer and using Inkfarm coupons may be the smartest way to handle day-to-day printing needs.