Drupal is a powerful Content Management System used by many leading websites, including governments, educational institutions, small businesses and e-commerce. Not only is it Drupal search engine friendly right out of the box, but it’s also an ideal website platform for advanced search engine optimization practices.


It takes an experienced professional to realize the full potential of your Drupal website. Search engine optimization requires a meticulous approach, a tremendous amount of knowledge and continuous dedication to the ever-evolving internet.


Our Drupal SEO Process


SEO and Drupal Audit

The first step of any Drupal search engine optimization project is to do an audit and competitor analysis. Depending on the state of your site - if you have never engaged with an SEO company, if you have previously worked with a company that built poor links, or if you have some good basic on page, but need help with off-page - we will complete an appropriate audit. This ensures that we have all of the appropriate information before getting started.

SEO Strategy

We will create an implementation plan. This could involve a strategy for some of the work being done by your team, and some by ours. This roadmap is essential for a successful SEO.


We then move into getting things done (in a strategic way). We work down our prioritized list of tasks, working on things that are going to get you the biggest impact first. Activities could include adding and configuring modules, doing on-page optimization, writing blog posts or premium content, cleaning up links, doing outreach for new good links, or helping with your Google Adwords or Bing Ads PPC advertising.


Helio welcomes clients who would like to be trained to do aspects of their SEO ongoing. Whether it is training you to how to read an analyze analytics to get meaningful data, use the correct modules to optimize blog content, or training for social media to support SEO. We know what is worth training and what aspects are better for our experienced team to take care of.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Pay Per Click (PPC)


Search engine marketing (SEM) and pay per click (PPC) advertising are excellent ways to have your website displayed on the first page of Google and can be an instant way to gain traffic to your website. With PPC, you write your own ads and have the ability to target specific geographical locations, which generates immediate, quality traffic. However, the longevity of the campaign is directly related to how much money you are able to spend. As soon as your PPC budget is exhausted, your ads disappear. For this reason, PPC advertising can be a great start for new websites and sites that have recently started SEO campaigns as your website will be visible and gain traffic while the organic SEO is being worked on.


Drupal SEO Training


Looking to be introduced to Drupal, brush up on your Drupal skills, or take advanced Drupal courses? Our partner organization, Drupal Schoolhouse is Acquia certified and offers a variety of courses catering to Drupal for beginners, theming, custom module development, Ubercart and even Search Engine Optimization for Drupal.


With courses offered in Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax, Drupal Schoolhouse offers the highest level of Drupal training from coast to coast.