Modern Day Options for Correcting Vision


In the old days, if you needed your vision corrected, you only had one option, which was to wear eyeglasses. Some people didn't seem to mind this, but for others, it proved to be a great inconvenience. Take an athlete, for example. Certain sports could not be played effective with glasses, and even you were able to still play a sport, your peripheral vision was negatively impacted, thus affecting your performance. Fortunately, today, someone who needs corrective lenses has many options, which we will cover below. 


glasses1) Eyeglasses

Wearing glasses is still the simplest and most cost-effective solution. Unlike the glasses people wore in the old days, today's glasses a light, thin, and durable. This has opened the door to a wide variety of stylish glasses you can wear, and regardless of the look you're going for, you're bound to find a pair of glasses that will serve you well. If you aren't looking to wear designer frames, you can frequently find eyeglasses for sale on the Internet for very attractive prices. I, for one, however, prefer to try out my frames before buying them.


2) Lasik
Lasik is a surgical procedure that corrects your vision. The surgery can be done in just a couple hours, and recovery time is very quick. If all goes well, your vision will be perfect or near-perfect after that. Some people do, however, have complications. For this reason, it is very important that you have an in-depth consultation with your doctor before making the decision. As far as surgeries go, Lasik is on the affordable side, but since it's not covered by most insurance plans, make sure you are fully aware of the cost.


3) Contact Lenses
Contact lenses are my favorite solution for correcting vision. While most appropriate for correcting near-sightedness, contacts can be used to address quite a few other conditions. In most cases, soft contacts are what you'll be getting, and the soft contacts of today are extremely comfortable to wear. They also require only a couple minutes of maintenance a day. If you get daily disposable lenses, you will be wearing a fresh pair of contacts each and every day, eliminating the need to store or clean your lenses. The only disadvantage to contact lenses is that they're more expensive than wearing eyeglasses. You can bring down your cost, however, by using online contact lens shops like At, you can expect to pay about half of the regular retail price on all major brands. In addition to that, by using coupon codes from sites such as, you can get additional discounts and free shipping as well.


All things considered, I would recommend going with contact lenses to most people. Even if you wear contact lenses, it's best to have a backup pair of glasses. If you are young enough, you'll probably be fortunate to have other options for correcting vision in the near future. Who knows, maybe there will be a cheap, innovative solution down the line that makes things like eyeglasses, contacts, and Lasik a thing of the past.